The IGY6; Foundation


The IGY6; Foundation has a supportive veteran community* that believes in the therapeutic healing properties that can be experienced through our epic adventures.

What comes with your
IGY6; Elite membership...


IGY6; Members Package

Upon joining The IGY6; Foundation you will receive your members kit with everything listed.

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  • IGY6; Members Shirt

  • IGY6; Challenge Coin 

  • "Not All Wounds are Visible"

  • IGY6; Koozie

  • IGY6; Patch

  • IGY6; Sticker

  • IGY6; Drawstring Bag



IGY6; Family Feast

The IGY6; Foundation. believes that our families are a major part of our veterans growth and healing process.

  • Each event is capped off with this special veteran reunion event that is friendly for all ages.


  • The IGY6; Foundation is a family first organization, and we want to welcome those nearest to your heart to be a part of this inspiring group of men and women.



IGY6; Member Travel

 The IGY6; Foundation has partnered with Pine To Palm Travel to provide cost efficient and hassle-free travel.

  • The IGY6; Foundation will provide a $100 travel voucher for any member traveling to an IGY6; Adventure. 

  • Pine to Palm Travel offers you a hassle-free travel experience that will ensure you great rates. This service is provided to all of our travelers 100% free of cost. 

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IGY6; Retreat House

The IGY6; Foundation ensures that anyone that is traveling to our events is provided lodging in our booked IGY6; Retreat House.

The IGY6; Foundation ensures that anyone that is traveling to our events is provided lodging in our IGY6; Retreat House.
This is an alcohol/drug free environment that offers our veteran community* a great chance to help build stronger bonds with fellow IGY6; Foundation members. 


Program Enrollment


After your membership process has been finalized, you will be automatically enrolled in our adventure therapy program.



The IGY6; Foundation adventure therapy events are carefully curated to provide a holistic approach to helping our veteran community* develop a positive mental attitude, help introduce a spiritual awakening, and be a part of a growing family that have each other's six.
IGY6; Skydive
IGY6; Skydive 18,000 feet
IGY6; Shark Swim
IGY6; Survival Training

Our adventures can range from skydiving to shark swimming. Each IGY6; Foundation event is unique and offers our members a one-of-a-kind experience. 
Check our upcoming event schedule.

Events Include:

  • $100 travel voucher plus+ travel agent support.

  • Lodging in the reserved IGY6; Retreat House.*

  • Access to the IGY6; Family Feast for you and your family enjoy.

  • Event costs and fees are paid for by The IGY6; Foundation and its partners to provide our members with a life changing adventure without the undertaking of financial hardships. 

Membership Prerequisite Form

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