Our Mission Statement

The mission of The IGY6; Foundation is to build comradery and promote a healthy mind and body while empowering our veteran and first responder members to achieve lifelong milestones through IGY6; sponsored events.

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Andy Velez,

Founder, Vice President

"The IGY6; is not a brand...

This is a movement of Veterans and First Responders that are ready to stand back-to-back with their fellow brothers and sisters to combat "S.A.D." and be apart of this inspiring, uplifting, and patriotic community."


-James Urban-


James Urban

President/Chief Executive Officer

The Movement

Combating S.A.D.

The IGY6; Foundation has defined, what we believe, are the 3 leading issues that are negatively impacting our veteran and first responder community. 
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Substance abuse, Alienation, Depression

Substance abuse
Substance abuse

The IGY6; Foundation believes that the over consumption of alcohol, drugs, and prescriptions is throwing fuel onto an open flame. All IGY6; run events will be 100% alcohol free for members and their guests. We encourage our members to seek a healthy and sober lifestyle. We have a great group of men and women willing to guide you on your journey to taking back your life.


The IGY6; teamed up with Workplace to have an IGY6; Members Only App. Similar look and feel to Facebook, this easy-to-use app gives our members a chance to keep in contact with their IGY6; brothers and sisters throughout the world. We have also created our events to be small and intimate so that our members can grow a bond with their group while experiencing something memorable.


The IGY6; Foundation is creating events that will have lasting impressions on our attendees and give them something to look forward to other then their next VA appointment. We also encourage our members to research a more holistic approach to treating depression through the use of medical marijuana prescribed by a legal physician.


Photo credit: Brandon Tennery 

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Upcoming Events & Raffles

The IGY6; Events offers our members a unique, exciting, and memorable experience. Learn More

Intensity 1-5
Nov. 14th 2021
SEAL Survival Training
Members Only
Aug. 28th 2021
18,000 Foot Skydive
Members Only
Oct. 2nd 2021
Battle Bros Taco & Treats
Open to Public
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